Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first visit to prison ever

So saturday I took my first ever to a prison...Not a place I ever wanted to go for any reason, but hey life isn't always about what we want huh?

I was so excited and nervous I gave up trying to get some sleep at about 5-ish...and got up got ready, then mistakenly drank almost a whole pot of coffee. While waiting for it to get closer to the time I could have dropped Lil off...Then around 630 left the house, dropped Lil off at my moms. While they aren't thrilled with the whole prison relationship and their "little girl" being married to an inmate. They do help me out and I think on some level weather she wants to admit or not, my mom knows that without him in my life, even like this I'm a miserable wreak.

Anyway..I headed out officaly around 7:15/7:30....I thought I lived in the Sticks...Heck no I thought I was lost a couple of times, just trying to find hte bottom of mountain, after you pass richlands theres nothing and even more nothing, then finally a redlight and a sign (honestly mapquest had me confused and thank godness that the place was only about 35 minutes from my dads office)..The drive (counting my million potty breaks) took about 2 hours..SO I was alittle late. And I would have taken a pic of the place, but there is a huge sign that strictly forbids it. and I don't want to cuase him in problems or get in trouble my self...So no pics of the place..It is rather scary seeing all the razorwire and all. When I got there the CO asked if I had been there, then took my papers told me to sign in and I could look over the visiting broucher b/c it will take a minute the first time to enter me into the computer. Then made a joke b/c yes I was shaking while I tried to sign in and told me to calm down they weren't keeping me :P...That heled me to relax some. Then a femal CO took me intot he bathroom, I had to shake out my bra (not easy to do b/c yeah I had to readjust. Frisk me and I had to take off my shoe so they could be searched...Word of warning, b/c the shirt I had on was fine, except I"m "busty" as she put it and even though it showed no cleavage (the V was maybe 1.5 inches) it was to low for my busty-ness...BUt I had a hoodie on so that was fine as long as I kept it zipped up..Had a couple extara outfits in my car just in case.

Then they took my key and ID> I had to pout my quaters in a baggie they provided. Bought two pictures tokens so we could finally have a picture of us together. Then was buzzed through a seris of doors and fences, till I reached the visiting room. THey sit us at a table (yep it is our luck we got a wobbly table)..I sit on the wrong side, and was quickly to not sit on that side, I was like sorry this is my first time here...Then they brought him in. It took every ounce of self control I had to not run to him. We spent the whole day together. Talked about some serious things, and he explained alot to me.
There were some other people in there playing games and I didn't see many kids. But I'm going to try to take lily on the 8th when I go back, if  I get her birth certificate in time. If not then I'll have to push the visit forward b/c as much as my parents help me with lil I think that was our last just the two of us visit. Hopefully we will get alteast an hour in before she gets wild. We had our pic. made. Held hands some, he was told before he came in no excessive touching (and they made him change his clothes into the blue/grey jumpsuit and he couldn't wear his ring inside weird) Anyway he got to eat some stuff out of the machines that they don't have (he said the food is even worse than it was before). He wasn't allowed to get up, so we joked that since it was microwaveavble its just like I was cooking for him at home. I felt normal and happy for the first time in years. And foronce the smiling and laughing didn't feel forced.

 At 3 they called for the visit to be over and we got to hug and kiss again, we snuck a couple extra in there and I didn't want to let go of him. But I'llsee him again.And it gives us a better way to count down...I can't wait till this time is up.

First Visit (67 more to go)


Anonymous said...

HI im so happy the 2 of you got to visit. I know it helped you, the pic did wonders for me. Wow just to see him smile....thank you God!!
the pic is now my desktop background on computer. i love you both so much

diplofam said...

Hi Ginger!
I'm so glad you were able to visit and have a GOOD day! Blessings to you both!

OneMixedUpLady said...

Visits make it all better for a minute. Im so glad that you got a visit :)