Sunday, April 17, 2011

HCG Day 5

I'm down to 172, thats another pound gone.Ate around 600 today ..I won't have access to a scale tomorrow, mine broke so I'm using my moms scale at her house on the days that I'm up that I won't be able to update on what weight I loss but I will still update about it.

I'm craving chocolate, stupid bunnys lmbo.

STILL struggling with drinking all that water its hard having to explain to the managers, why I have to pee every few minutes and I'm snacking on pickles lol..dill pickles are on the approved list so I eat a few of them when I start to feel hungry coming on and its not near break, instead of munching on the fries. I feel pregnant lol running to pee every 30 minutes and eating pickles all the time...But atleast I know I don't have that to worry about ;).

Hungry? Nope well I mean no more than normal... you know around lunch I got hungry and when I got off work I was getting hungry, but not straving. So while I did over eat alittle it wasn't hard today to stick with the diet, if Lily hadn't wanted an extra helping of fruit salad then not eat it I wouldn't have ate another helping...

Sideeffects: none, no fatigue, mentally I feel great, no mood swings, not starving...Just peeing alot lol.

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