Thursday, April 14, 2011

HCG Day2

This is my last loading day, second day on the drops...Weight was maintained at 176, which considering what I ate yesterday I am very happy with. I allowed myself to eat whatever today, but did find that I already didn't have as much of an appetite that I normally do...If you know me in real life you know I like to eat.

I really dislike the taste of the drops, but its not intolerable and the taste goes away quickly.It vaguely reminds me of a harsh liquor *think moonshine lol*.

No side effects, my husband was worried about mood swings, b/c I'm super sentsitve to hormone changes in my body, even birth control pills make me insane. Bless his heart, when I told him I was doing this and what it was, his first words were "so its going to be like you are pregnant again?" FYI: During both our pregnancies I made Linda Blair, look like Mother Mary...I was pretty demonic...So far, I've actually been in a super good mood, today.

I am super nervous that tomorrow is my first 500 cal day, so these post my get more interesting the farther into the program I go.

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forgotten families said...

LOL!!! Good luck with all that :) Looking forward to reading more as you go farther into the program!