Saturday, April 16, 2011

HCG Diet Day 4

173...down 3 pounds :) I'm pretty happy with that.

Wasn't as hungry today as I was yesterday though in the afternoon I got alittle hungry. I ate around 600 calories today and am pretty full right now. I'm still having a problem getting to 200 oz of water though thats alot I got about 1/2 down and I'm running to the bathroom every 30 minutes...made for an interesting work day lol.

I know alot of people are telling me I will gain it all back once I stop the drops and eat normally..But honestly I did the research and have talked to alot of people in real life that have done either the shots or the injections and they have kept the weight off...Of course I know if I go back to devouring an entire pizza and gallon of ice cream I will gain weight. So hopefully with the strictness of the diet I can learn some control when it comes to eating.

Side effects, nothing really no headaches, lightheadness irritability anything like that. My face is really broke out and that could be due to hormones, it could also be part of PMS.

So far so good. 26 days of this round to go.

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