Thursday, April 7, 2011

Murder in Tazwell County VA!!1

Okay I don't know if you all know this about me or not but I am a huge animal lover. I have a soft spot for the cute and cuddly.This is a heartbreaking story I came across this from a friend on facebook, she does rescue work for Boston Terriers. The rest of this post is a copy from her face book page.
Please help my friends at BTR ET find out what happened to me. My name is Smiley and I was killed by the Tazewell County Animal Shelter. The rescue had filled out the paperwork to take me in and find me a home, but the shelter killed me anyway. I did nothing wrong, I deserved a new chance at life and they took that away from me. Please help this not to happen again!
Recently the rescue I work with pulled 2 boston terriers from the Tazewell County Animal Shelter, and put in a notice to those that run the facility that we would be coming back for the other boston terrier mix named Smiley. On Monday April 4th a person affiliated with our rescue went to pickup Smiley from the shelter. When she arrived she was told that Smiley is no longer there, she asked was he adopted and was told no. Our rescue president contacted the shelter and was told the same story he is not longer here.

In the rescue world that means "WE KILLED THE DOG!" that is right killed the dog knowing that this dog was spoken for and had someone coming to get him. How are we as a rescue suppose  to save these dogs when the shelter kills them even when a rescue has completed the paperwork to take the dog and arrived when we said we would.

So I ask you Tazewell County A.S "WHERE IS SMILEY?"