Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some thoughts

No I've not gotten away from the real meaning of my blog...The coupons and freebies, help me pay for the calls get money for gas to visit ect. So i thought I would share my new found way of making things easier on me..Plus the time I put into organizing and clipping my coupons helps to pass the time.

Plus once you make it through reception and get settled into a place, not alot changes. And I feel like no one wants to hear me constantly whine and moan about how much I'm missing him. I miss him like a piece of my heart is gone.

I do have one rant though...Mail room it stinks, I got a letter from him saying it had been over a week since he got anything. I've not gotten anything back so who knows what is going on. It is annoying b/c that is our primary means of communication. They are really going to hate me b/c starting saturday I will be sending him one to two things a day since it is his birthday week. :)

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MommyKuehner said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. New followers also:) Hope the mail situation works out for you and he get's his present.