Thursday, May 19, 2011

5/22/ Coupon Preview

Heres a list of coupons for this sunday (if the world doesn't end on Saturday ;) (j/k)). They can and do vary by regions

Smartsource: 5-22

4C totally light tub or stick $2.00/1 x6/30/11
4-C beverage except 21-93oz ice tea mix $1.00/1 x8/31/11
Save $4 wyb any (2) Advil, Advil PM or Thermacare (no trial) (ex. 7/31/11)
Advil $1/1 any 40ct or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Advil PM $1/1 any 16ct or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Almond Accents $1.00/1 x8/3/11
Banana boat sun care 4oz $1.00/1 x6/25/11
Betty Crocker $0.75/2 any supermoist cake mix and ready to spread frosting (any flavors/varieties) (ex. 7/16/11)
Betty Crocker $0.50/2 any flavor/variety fruit shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers, or fruit roll-ups fruit flavored snacks (ex. 7/16/11)
Bic muli-purpose lighter $1.00/1 7/31/11
Breakstone's $0.75/3 cottage doubles (ex. 6/30/11)
Breakstone's $1/1 any 4pk of cottage cheese (ex. 6/30/11)
Bob Evans $1.00/1 any refrigerated side dish (ex. 7/3/11)
Butterball turkey franks, turkey bacon,deep fried lunchmeat .65/1 x7/10/11
Colgate sensitive toothpaste $1.00/1 x6/13/11
Chock Full O' Nuts $0.75/1 any package (ex. 7/15/11)
Curad $0.50/1 any product (8/31/11)
Depends product $1.50/1 x7/3/11
Depends guards for men $1.00/1 x7/3/11
Dole mandarin oranges .50/2 x8/31/11
Dynamo, ajax, fab, or Niagara product $1.00/2 x8/22/11
easyLiner $2.00/2 x6/30/11
Edge or Skintimate $0.55/1 any gel product excludes 2.75 cans (ex. 6/30/11)
Energizer $1/1 any batteries or flashlight (ex. 6/30/11)
Enzymatic therapy $2.00/1 x8/31/11
Fiber One $0.50/2 any boxes, any flavor chewy bars or 90 calorie chewy bars (ex. 7/16/11)
General Mills Cereals $1/3 any boxes (many listed) (ex. 7/2/11)
Glad food storage $1.00/2 x7/15/11
Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper $0.75/3 any flavor home cooked skillet meals (ex. 7/16/11)
Heinz 57 Sauce $1/1 any 10oz or larger (ex. 8/22/11)
Heinz tomato kechup .50/1 x6/19/11
Hershey syrup 17 oz hershey’s reese’s, or heath topping 4oz $1.00/2 x6/30/11
Hartz crunch n clean dog $1.00/1 x6/30/11
Hartz crunch n clean cat treats $1.50/1 x6/30/11
Hawiian tropic sun care product 4oz+ $2.00/1 x6/25/11
Hungry jack potato products $1.00/2 DND x7/10/11
Jergens $2/1 any natural glow moisturizer (excluding 2fl oz moisturizer) (ex. 7/30/11)
King Hawaiian sandwich buns $1.00/1 x7/17/11
Kleenex hand towels .75/1 x7/17/11
Lea & Perrin product .$1.00/1 x8/2/11
Lamisil product $3.00/1 x8/30/11
Lysol $1/1 any disinfectant spray (6/21/11)
Lysol $1/2 any disinfecting wipes (6/21/11)
Marzetti $0.50/1 any Otria greek yogurt veggie dip (ex. 8/31/11)
Marzetti slaw dressing .50/1 x9/30/11
Nature Valley $0.50/2 any flavor/variety granola bars (excludes granola thins) (ex. 7/16/11)
Nature way alive vitamin $2.00/1 x8/31/11
Ore Ida sweet potato fries $1.00/1 x7/25/11
OFF! $0.75/1 any personal insect repellent (6/25/11)
OFF! $1/1 any Botanicals product (6/25/11)
OFF! $2/1 any clip-on mosquito repellent starter (6/25/11)
OFF! $1/1 any clip-on mosquito repellent refill (6/25/11)
Popcorn Indiana $1.00/1 x6/30/11
_Popcorn Indiana chipins $1.00/1 x12/21/11
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $0.50/2 any flavor/variety pastries (ex. 8/13/11)
Playtex $1/1 14ct or larger(ex. 6/30/11)
Prevaid 24hr product $4.99/1 x6/10/11
Purina One dry dog food $2.00/1 x6/21/11
Purina one dry cat food $2.00/1 x6/21/11
Raid B1G1 FREE any Earth Options spray up to $6.49 (ex. 7/16/11)
Resolve $0.75/1 any high traffic foam product (ex. 7/3/11)
Resolve $0.75/1 any product (ex. 7/3/11)
Sargento fridge pack product $1.00/1 x7/3/11
Sargento slices .50/2 x7/3/11
Scotch packing tape .50/1 x12/31/11
Scotch easy grip $2.00/1 x12/31/11
Scott $1.00 off 6 rolls paper towel x7/3/11
Scott naturals bath tissue 4-rolls $1.00/1
Scott naturals flushable wipes .50/1 x7/3/11
Schick $1/1 any razor or refill excludes 2ct disposables (ex. 6/30/11)
Sweet baby rays bbq sauce 18oz $1.00/2 x6/30/11
Snyder of hanover pretzels $1.00/2 x7/31/11
Snyder of hanover pretzel sandwiches 8oz+ $1.00/1 x7/31/11
Swiss Premium Tea $0.75/1 any (1) gallon or (1) half gallon (ex. 6/26/11)
Tabasco .75/1 x6/19/11
Thermacare $1/1 any 2ct or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Totino's $0.50/4 any flavor/variety products (ex. 8/13/11)
Tyson $1/1 any Any'tizers wings (8/22/11)
Wet Ones $1/2 any wipes products, canisters or singles (ex. 6/30/11)
Wonka exceptionals B1G1 free up to $2.99 x6/26/11
Wonka excecptions bag 8.5-9.5oz $1.00/1 x6/26/11
Zest $1/1 any 18oz body wash (ex. 7/17/11)
Zest $1/1 any 3-bar multi-pack or larger (ex. 7/17/11)
Zone perfect single or multi pack .55/1 x6/12/11

Red Plum: 5-22

Amdro $2/1 any ant block 24oz, any/roach syringe w/2 refillable bait stations or kills ants stakes 8pk *limit 1 per store* (ex. 9/30/11)
AXE B1G1 bodyspray, deodorant up to $5.99 x7/17/11
Bar S franks or bologna $1.00/2 x7/31/11
Bengay $3/1 any product - no trial sizes (ex. 7/31/11)
Blink tears or geltears $2.00/1 x6/22/11
Breyer's  .75/2 any blasts! 48oz (ex. 6/19/11)
Brillo $0.55/1 any 10ct or 18ct box of soap pads (ex. 7/24/11)
Brillo Estracell $1/2 any sponge products (ex. 7/24/11)
Caress $0.75/1 any tahitian renewal or cashmere luxury 12oz body wash or larger (ex. 6/19/11)
Caress $0.75/1 any daily silk, evenly gorgeous, velvet bliss, glowing touch, sheer twilight or scarlet blossom 12oz body wash or larger or 6pk bars or larger (ex. 6/19/11)
Cutter product $1.50/1 8/31/11
Coppertone $1.00/1 x6/30/11
Degree B1G1 FREE men or women premium anti-perspirant & deodorant or body mist up to $6 (ex. 6/19/11)
Degree $0.75/1 any men or women anti-perspirant & deodorant (ex. 6/19/11)
Domino $0.50/1 any sugar products 4-5lbs or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Domino $0.40/1 any 24oz organic or demerara sugar (ex. 7/31/11)
Fancy Feast $1/18 3oz cans of elegant medleys, any variety (ex. 8/22/11)
Folgers $0.25/1 any product (ex. 7/30/11)
Hellman's $0.25/1 any product 16.5oz or larger
Hefty plates or cups .55/2 x9/30/11
Jimmy Deans fully cooked products $2.00/2 x7/3/11
Kibbles n bits 7.5lb + $1.50/1 x7/16/11
Kibbles n bits 4lbs or smaller $1.00/1 x7/16/11
Knorr $0.50/2 any rice and pasta sides
Listerine mouthwash 1L + ,50/1 x12/31/11
Listerine total care mouthwash$1.00/1 x12/31/11
Listerine zero 1L $1/1 x12/31/11
Listerine whiting $1.00/1 x12/11/11
Lipton $0.60/2 any tea bags, to go or iced tea mix (ex. 6/19/11)
Loreal paris face product $2.00/1 x7/17/11
Loreal to-go shade hair color $2.00/1 x7/17/11
M&M 9.9oz $1.50/1 x7/3/11
Magnum $1/1 any ice cream (ex. 7/30/11)
Marcal $1/1 any small steps product (ex. 6/30/11) *Limit 1 cpn per person*
Milk Bones $1.50/2 x7/22/11
Milk Bone healthy favorites $1.00/1 x7/22/11
Morton $0.35/1 any bottle of Season-All seasoned salt 5oz and above (ex. 7/15/11)
Morton $0.35/1 any 3lb coarse kosher salt, 26oz all-purpose sea salt (natural or iodized), sea salt grinder or new pepper grinder (ex. 7/15/11)
People Style Watch $1/1 June issue of the magazine (ex. 7/17/11)
Pringles $1/3 super stack cans 180g or larger (ex. 6/30/11)
Pringles $0.50/1 any snack stacks or stix (ex. 6/30/11)
Pringles $1/2 any cans fat free 165g or larger (ex. 6/30/11)
Q-tips $0.30/1 any cotton swabs product (ex. 6/19/11)
Ragu .60/2 any pasta sauce (ex. 6/19/11)
Sevin $2/1 any product (ex. 9/30/11) *Limit 1 per store visit*
Shedd's Spread Country Crock $0.50/1 any (ex. 6/19/11)
Smucker's $1/2 any jam, jelly, preserves or fruit spread products (ex. 7/30/11)
Starbucks $1/1 any pint of ice cream (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/2 any professionals dry shampoo or styling products (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/2 any professionals shampoo or conditioner products (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/2 any men shampoo, conditioner or styling products (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave B1G1 FREE body wash or lotion - excludes sizes under 4oz up to $3 (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/1 any deodorant product (ex. 6/19/11)
Sunlight dish cleaning product .25/1 x7/3/11
Vaseline $1/1 any product 3.1 oz or larger (ex. 6/19/11)
Wishbone or Western $1.00/2 any dressings (ex. 6/19/11)
TARGET-downy fabric softner $1.00 x6/30/11
TARGET-Tide .75/1
Target-bounce dryer item .75/1 x6/30/11
Thanks to whole coupon inserts!

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