Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coupon Train

So I"m wetting my feet over on WUC, and conducting my first coupon train. I'm curious to how it will go lol I"ve never done a train as a rider or other wise. LOL though the name of my train is lacking I think it will be fun. If you want to join up head over to WUC, sign up (if you haven't already), scroll down the forum list till you see active trains, my train is called the Chain Gang June Train :P

The rules for my train is really simple
My rules are very simple.

Accepting all riders with 50 plus post, this is my first train so I will be closing it to all new riders after wednesday. If you want to join post here and PM your info.

This will be a good one I think for the newbies that haven't done alot of trading, you don't have to have any feedback to do this one but I'm asking you guys follow a few simple rules..

Heres how my train is going to work. After Wednesday it will be closed to new riders and I will post the schedule that we will follow. I will write or print the list and mail out the coupons to the first person on the list..This person will then mark their name off the list, take out the ones they want/need, mail the list and coupons to the next person and so on.

Heres my rules..

.No peelies as I don't agree with taking coupons off the product that you aren't using right then. Blinkies and tear pads are fine though.

2. Keep the IP's to a min please

3. a wish list isn't mandatory but encouraged, try to look at the person wishlist and put a few in there of those.

4. Turnaround time I'd like to keep it to at most 3 days. And the envelope to atleast 40 q's

5. Try to include a little surprise something, a recipe you like, drink pack, sample just alittle extra RAOK to make someones day

6. Enjoy

7. Please leave positive feed back to whoever sends you the q's


anisha said...

I am agree to you.I also think it will be fun.Also your rules.Sounds

Nicole said...

I'm in. I'm participating in another one at the moment and I think it's a great idea!! Email me at