Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A post from Jody

So Jody finally got around to doing a post, its been a while.

Hello everyone, its really cool that there are people out there following mine and Gingers story so much, so thank you all for reading. Sorry its been so long between my entries. I've been here at Keen Mt. For a little over a year now, in some ways it has went fast and of course in some ways it has felt like an eternity. I've been trying to keep myself as busy as possible. I just finished my first semester of college. I should have my Associates Degree in a year and half, every chance I get I'm either lifting weights or running. I also have a job, I iron from 9:30-3:30 which is just as fun as it sounds. Soon I'll be in electrical class as well, I've also signed up for every self improvement class they offer here. No none of this will get me out a day early but I'm determined to be a better man when I get out. Nothing I will ever do will make me deserve the beutiful wife that stands by my side but that doesn't mean I'll ever stop trying. I feel that it is only fair to speak about both sides of my life here in prison.Its not all been classes and becoming a better person. The environment is not easy and sometimes the line of right and wrong so clear on the outside is blurry in here. I have been in fights and yes I could have probably walked away from them, but in here to walk away means you are a victim, then you'll be the one that other people will to get points from you or you'll be extorted,.Don't ever get it confused this is not a made for TV movie "the guy that faces the bully doesn't always win, standing up for the right thing can cost you your life in here.In here its about balance, people have to know you aren't an easy target, but if yo act to tough you'll be shown you aren't jet lee and that four or five guys will fck you up. Its hard to explain how to achieve this balance, I have for the most part its about having enough heart to fight, but not so much that it gets you killed. I've usually always been the one to try and stand up for the one who can't stand up for themselves but that it on the outside. In here looking the other way is just part of life, guys get jumped, guys get raped, they get extorted, but its their fight. To involve your self is not the brave thing, it is the stupid thing some of you will probably think I'm a jerk for saying that, but what makes you think if you stop a guy from getting raped that you won't end up getting ganged rape as retribution. Now with that said that's why you get a small crew, not a gang that is a whole nother issue, but a small crew that way it is known that if someone messes with one they will have their hands full. There have been a few deaths up here, one guy was beat till he literally had his brains beat out. Is life in here easy? Never. Sure I don't have it as bad as most. My mom helps with money and the support system I have in her and my wife helps more than I can express. But I'm not above it all, my one goal is to make it home with my mind and body in tact.1/2 way there. Thanks for ready I'll try to send another soon.

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