Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I inspired my daughter

I took my girls to the local pool yesterday. My oldest  is 12 almost 13 and it at that awkward stage with her body. I've not been comfortable with my body in years, so I usually wear a cover up. Eden was wearing one to, I let her go off and do her own thing as long as she checks in with me every 30-45 minutes to let me know she is okay and to put on sun screen. Anyway, I took off my cover up, figured screw it I'm over 30 with 2 kids, my body will NEVER look like it did at 17, pre kids, so what if I have some fat rolls and cellulite...About 30 minutes after I took mine off I noticed Eden had hers off too. On the way home she said I inspired her to take her cover up off, that if I could be comfortable enough looking like I do (yeah thanks E lol) then she could take hers off to.

I guess I didn't realize how much attention she really does pay to me and what I do. She is pretty standoffish and antisocial. I am glad that she looks up to me, but it also made me realize, that my obsession with my weight and all probably isn't the best thing for the girls to be around constantly. So I'm going to dial back my dieting, and start working on loving my body no matter the size or shape.

Morale of the story, even if you don't know it your kids are watching you.


Silva said...

They really do take more notice than we think, but often it's how they learn good behaviour too. I'm sure she sees you as a strong positive influence.

Nicole said...

That's awesome :)