Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sometimes Reality Smacks Me.

Its not that I ever forget where Jody is, that he is gone or that he is constantly surrounded by danger and violence. But he doesn't tell me everything that goes on or how bad things are at times, so I don't worry. He is in a level 4 max, so I know things aren't easy and there are alot of bad violent people in there.And yes technically on record my husband is a violent offender, b/c his charge, not because he touched anyone, this time, he has been in fights, but he has never killed anyone . And his current cell mate is in for life, for killing 4 people his wife included, why? who knows, but the creepiest part, he hid her body and said that he will not tell where it is till he is dying. My husband isn't like that but it reality for him. He can take care of him self, i believe that, i have to or I would go insane. I still worry, but it is easier to not think about it, to just think hey he is away on a business trip or something. Well something happened that changed that. He called me Monday night our friend Chris, used to be his cellie before he took the kitchen job, was jumped by 8 guys. It was ban enough that they didn't take him to medical at the prison, he is in an actual hopstiol. Jody had told Chris who not to mess with and all, and he wasn't messed with alot when Jody was in his pod, its bothering Jody b/c he feels responsible in some way. And even though he has told me before when massive fights put them on lockdown, it was more like reading a book or watching TV, b/c I didn't know the effected. I've known Chris since I was 16. So its like a big reality slap in the face. If it happened to Chris then it could happen to Jody.

Please pray for Chris.


Marlana said...

I watch all of the Lockedup on MSNBC so I know just what you are talking about. Will pray you all like I do every night. If you ever need anything just HOLLA Ginger! And that is not an empty sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I understand your plight. I waited three years for my lover to get out. He was in there with a seven year sentence for indecency with a child.
I looked passed that flaw because he admitted to me and our lord and savior that what he did was extremely wrong. As soon as he got out, he stopped acknowledging god and me. I was devoted to him. I prayed for him more than myself and this is how he repays me. I was the one, along with his family, that made him feel comfortable by putting money on his books. He essentially had everything he needed in that hell hole.

Now he's completely ignoring me, so I think were broken up.

But I've learned throughout this whole ordeal.

Ginger said...

@Marlana I had to stop watching lock up lol b/c it was giving me nightmares. I know he won't tell me everything going on b/c I worry to much.

@Anon I've heard of that happening alot. I don't know how things will go once he is home, but we have known each other since we were kids.And I've been in love with him since we were 15. But this is definitely a learning experience.