Thursday, November 17, 2011

First snow of the season (ramble)

Okay the weather is crazy, raining and storming yesterday, then I wake up this morning to snow...I hate snow and cold weather b/c it means our visits could be cancelled at a moments notice, Jody puts his foot down about me trying to travel up the mountian in the snow, plus yeah my car isn't 4x4 so atleast it is starting to looking holiday-ish outside.

Not alot to update on GTL is being a pain in my ass, and its taken 3 days to get a payment accepted, so hopefully I will atleast get a call soon. I still write everyday but have been slacking on the mailing so starting after Thanksgiving for Chirstmas, I'm going to mail a little something everyday...It just gets hard finding something interesting to talk about lol. I get up get the oldest one to school, get ready for work,drop the youngest off with my mom, go to work (where once in a while some interesting Mcdrama pops up). Pick the girls come home and watch tv, clean house and go to be lol

We also talk about TV Shows, we try to watch the same ones but he has a limited number of channells and our taste in TV is pretty different. So far the only show we watch together is the Walking Dead...We both agree that Loris baby is Shanes and not Ricks and that Shane should die in the zombie barn.

Tomorrow at 5:13 PM I will officially be the mommy of a teenager...God help me.

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