Monday, April 16, 2012

CashCrate Quick Tips How to make payout every month

Just a few quickie tips on how to earn some easy cash and a reminder...You will not recieve a check unless you earn atleast 20.00 for the month like this month if you earn 20 your check will print may 15th (unless you get 50 referalls then it will print on deposit into your account on the 1st). But here are my tips:  1. download the cashcrate tool bar, you can find it in your offers or google cashcrate tool bar. You can do up to 5 searches a day and every two 1/2 days you earn 50 cents Roughly 5 dollars a month  2. Check in every day, if you have the tool bar you can do it from there easy peasey...You only earn .03 cents a day which is about 90 cents but if you check in every day that month you get a 50 cent bonus. So thats about 1.40  3. When you check in do the offer that pops up, if it is a free one (atleast thats what I do on average that is an auto 5.00 for me a month.  4. Do the daily surveries, now some people have better luck with those than me. I usually only qualify for one a day but if you try and do these daily that and you qualify for all of them that is 5.20 a day so in a month that is easily over 100....realistically though you'll probably only qualify for a couple a day..I average 50 cents a day lol so around 15 dollars  So monthly without even trying or taking into consideration the referral bonuses you get (which I will talk about in the next note) I make roughly 26 dollars for usually about 10 minutes of work a day. .. Which means an extra 26 dollars a month.. Might not seem like alot but it adds up and every little bit helps.

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