Monday, October 8, 2012

VA holiday Package information

For those with friends and family in the VA DOC, you might be interested in sending them a little something for the holidays. They now have the Access Package Site open.

  Orders can be placed starting September 26, 2012.  However, any order that is mailed in must be postmarked by November 6, 2012, and delivered to Access Securepak® by November 13, 2012.  Any orders received after the deadline will NOT be processed and will be mailed back to the sender.
   All orders will begin to arrive approximately November 29, 2012, with all orders delivered by December 10, 2012.  The institution will be distributing the packages to the offenders shortly after the shipment arrives at the facility.

I wish VA was like some of the other states that allowed us to send in our own packages, but it isn't so these are a big deal for us b/c we can only send them twice a year, though most the time, my husband throws a fit on me if I mention sending him one or sending him money. 

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