Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prayers for Newtown, CT

As a mother I can't fathom the grief, and pain these families are going through. And at this time of the year. I'm usually a pretty in control emotionally of myself type person. But this has thrown me for a loop. Most the victims where just a year older than my youngest, who is suppose to be starting school this fall. When I heard the news Friday at work, it was  a fight with myself to not check my oldest out of school and hug her tight (though I'm sure she is grateful I didn't ). While wrapping presents friday night, for my kids I broke down in tears, thinking about the victims and their families. Those little kids should be excited for santa mom and dad and grandparents planning on the best way to sneak presents in, instead they are planning their funerals and asking the same question the nation is why?

There is no concreate reason.

Now we just, me included, have to find out a way to protect ourselves, our families without living in a bubble.

My hearts, thoughts and prayers to the families affected by this.

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