Friday, December 28, 2012

So glad 2012 is almost gone

Emotionally this year has sucked for me, my anxiety attacks that I hadn't had in years have came back full force. Gained a ton of weight, yes I know step away from the junk, easier said than done, when it seems like everything in the world is piled on your shoulders. Jody loosing his good time hasn't helped matters. I'm assuming since its been a week since I talked with him that he is in the hole again. Like he said though, he has nothing left to loose, he might as well stop holding it in. As long as he doesn't catch a street charge, he can't get any more time. And worst case scenario he goes up a level or two...and there are higher level prisons really really close to home. I don't think he realized though that he does have things to loose like our phone calls and he wasn't really thinking what if he gets moved further away, I wish sometimes he'd just clean out his ears and listen.

Overall I sort of stuck to my resoultions: I lost weight, then gained it all but 3 pounds back and I have saved some money, no where near what I wanted to save for the year but some is better than nothing.
So this year yeah they will be pretty much the same, loose weight, save money and I"m adding be more organized to the list..

Christmas was good I'll do a picture post tomorrow of it. The girls got everything their hearts desired so no complaints from me. My parents helped out alot with that, so big thanks to them.

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alifedestroyed said...

Hi Ginger,

I just came across your blog. I'm hoping to just connect with other prison wife bloggers. I look forward to reading your posts!