Monday, January 7, 2013

Household Organzational Journal.

I'm a dork, no lie I love binders, note pads all that...So a few years ago I tried the whole binder coupon thing, for me that didn't work(how I store my coupons will be another post all together), so I refurbished it, complete with leftover plastic sleeves and dividers my daughter didn't need for school and turned it into my household journal..It saves me from having 3 or 4 different notebooks everywhere around the house .Everything I need or anyone needs to know about my house is in here..This thing even comes with me on vacation lol. Its very simple to put together, make a list of the information you need. For us I have a tab, for school, Jody, vacation planning, meal planning, holiday, workouts/diets, addresses, budget, pets, cleaning routines, and inventory (I stockpile so this is how I keep it from being a hoard), then one tab for other stuff. 
In the folder part of my binder I keep copies of all the important id information for the entire family, pay stubs, things like that. Everything I need is now in one binder right at the tips of my fingers. Yes I'm old fashioned and most people do this on their phones, but it works for me.

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