Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lily's First day of School

So I sent my last baby out into the real world yesterday. She applied to pre-k over a year ago, and wanted to start last August but had to wait till space opened up..So she started yesterday, with a couple of months of school left. But atleast she gets to get her feet wet.

Let me just say I was no where prepared for how emotional sending her would be. Eden didn't bother me to much, b/c I knew I would more than likely have another one, and I was in school and working full time...But Lily is my baby and I know I am not having anymore...So yeah I cried all the way home. I couldn't sit still all day, so the house got cleaned and scrubbed and cleaned some more.

But she had a great day, she didn't eat alot but she is super picky and a grazer and not a meal eater...Got alittle stubborn about not being able to play in the kitchen or play outside. But all in all she had a great day and even took a nap...

I do have to say though I'm ready for summer though lol so my girls can be home..but maybe if I can pick up some extra time at work, it won't be to bad.

This pic was cool b/c of all the orbs, I like to think that her angels were all around her on her first day

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