Sunday, June 16, 2013

ABC Mouse Review

I ordered this for my youngest, Lily, back in February. I was a little iffy but she loves playing on the computer and I had heard nothing but good things about  . So I figured I would give it a shot, especially since at that time she wasn't in school, and would not sit still long enough for me to help her learn what she would need to be kinder-garden ready. They were running a special when I signed up, if I bought a year I would get 4 months free, so I only paid 53.22, as opposed to the $8.00 a month plan.

I am so glad I did, the first month or so she didn't want to do anything but play with the fish and hamsters, they are given as pets. But to earn things for them, she had to do activities, to get the tickets. I later found out that I could have set it up to use a password to allow her to spend her tickets and all. But I think it is a good learning tool, like right now she is saving up her tickets to buy a dragon. She has learned if she spends a small amount right away she is further away from her goal, as opposed to saving them.

After she started into pre-k in late march, she started wanting to do more on the learning path/white board, and has rapidly moved through the lessons. She was still behind her class when school let out for the summer, but is already learning how to sound out words, in the books they read to them.  I have no doubts by the end of the summer, she will be up to par with the other students if not ahead.

Sign up is easy, and making the account is easy, the whole site is very user friendly and we do get emails from them from, newsletters from time to time, nothing overly spammy.

So I'm very happy with the product and would definitely recommend it for other parents with preschool-kinder-garden age kids. 

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