Monday, June 24, 2013

How to start a penpal letter

Since it is Monday and I do pen pal ads on Monday's I thought I would do a short entry with some tips on how to start a letter b/c lot of people just blank out on that.

1. Introduce yourself, tell them your name, why you are writing.
2. Be upbeat as much as possible and friendly
3. Don't ask to many personal questions but general things about himself/herself
4. Talk about recent movies, shows, books that you  have enjoyed or hobbies you have
5. Don't get discouraged if the mail takes a awhile to get back to you. Most prisons, don't have mail runs on the weekends. And at-least where Jody is at if a holiday falls on a sat/sun, they dont have mail runs on the Friday before and/or Monday after, it has taken me up to two weeks to get a letter before.

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