Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finally a work at home company that delivers on its promise

I have tried different companies all to end up with the same broken promises and all. But I started with
Skinny Body Care last month. And even though my sales weren't good I still got a monthly check. While my amount is unusual, I got lucky b/c I bought the product and sign up as a pre-enrollee in Jan but didn't upgrade till June, I have some amazing people that fell under in the matrix..But when this company says they will pay you they do..The above pic is a screen shot of my back office that I took on Saturday.

Once my check comes in I will post it as well. You can get payments in 3 ways, check with an 8$ minimum, direct deposit with a 10 $ min. And prepaid card with a 25 $ min.

So not only does the Skinny Fiber product work. The company itself does to.

Start of cost is 10$ one time fee and the cost of a bottle. It is around 75 after shipping and all to start up.
You get tons of support, free training, free websites, and can make your money back within the first month. Some do it in the first week.

To get started leave your email in the comments, or sign up here http://feelbetterbebetter.richandtrim.com/ , it will save you a spot on the team.

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