Sunday, July 28, 2013


Remember I now have a pen-pal section open on my blog, if you are looking for someone to write to.

Every Monday ( if I get them) I add new pen-pals to it. It goes on here, my Facebook page, and my personal page. 

I don't personally have a pen-pal, my husband is the only man that I write . But everyone that I had to my blog, I will send them holiday cards around the holiday season in December, to brighten their day.


Cole said...

Hi Ginger,
I recently came across your blog. I've followed your story a bit and realize you have a heart for all those affected by incarceration. I'm the prison ministry coordinator at my church and recently launched a non-profit benefiting families affected by incarceration. As me and my co-founder build our foundation our struggle is in raising resources and finding families in need. I was told to google blogs of women affected by incarceration in hopes of getting the word out. Your blog was one that came up. I'm not sure if have any advice in terms of growing our non-profit or helping us connect with families but we'd sure appreciate it if possible. Thanks and God Bless.
We can be found at

Keith Russell said...

As with any new friendship, it is best to avoid discussing controversial subjects with your new pen friend.

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