Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So my obamacare Rant....

I'm going to pay a shared resposnisiblity tax, to help others with insurance even though I can't afford it myself.

I went last night to the website, I live in VA and they didn't expand medicaid, and came up with my cheapest plan betting 199 a month, for just me (my two daughters get medicaid), my most expensive being 2180 a month... And I make a whooping 12000 at most a year and that is pushing it, so I was sure I was doing something wrong, and thought I would call the number, got through quickly and the guy was super nice (a huge plus)... We did it again, at 12000 and got the same so we played with the numbers and went the low end 10000 a year( which lets be honest is closer to what I make since I work 5 hours a day when the kids aren't in school) , 199 a month cheapest most being 2018... The guy was surprised and I was like well that stinks.. I'm taking the fine, I can't afford an additional 200 dollars a month, not when the price of groceries and my multiplies keep going up...

So yeah I'll my the "shared responsibility tax" to give other insurance even though I can't afford it for myself.

And b/c I'm sure some supporters are going to get up in arms about it...I'll even add the screen shots

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