Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A small background.

Me and my husband got married on 7/23/07, in a small secret coruthouse wedding. We have never celebrated an anniversary together, though but we think in 5 years we will finally be able to.

We are both 29 years old, together we have two wonderful little girls, our oldest is 11 and our baby is 20 months (she will be 21 months on the 26th). He has a son from his previous marriage, who is 8-9 I'm not sure his ex won't let him have anything to do with him.

He was arrested on 2-23-08, his setnecing and trail took over 18 months and he has a total of 8 years and 10 months to serve. In VA you have to do 85% of that time, and with time served we have come out to a release date between 10-28-15 and 11-06-15, nothing offical yet, I guess they know he isn't going anywhere for a while so they can take their time.

He is currently in Bland for recieving but just got his classification as a level 4, so will be moved to a max facility as soon a bed opens up. Do I think he is that voilent and all? No, his crimes were termed that, but he has hardly ever raisied his voice to me (every couple fights) and he has never hit me. He isn't a big scary guy at all, and deep down he has a good heart. He is just a man, who made a huge mistake.

The purpose of this journal is to hopefully reach out to other couples, facing the same thing, as this is a relationship that will be put down time and time again and told over and over again that it won't work. And also  a place to just vent about the gripes of prison life and holding it down on the outside.

When my husband writes a post I'll type it in RED so you can tell the difference.

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nurece7 said...

yea, a place to vent is good. thats what i do. i read the first couple of posts and will read more. im realy glad to hear there is someone else out there that goes through the same stuff. thanks.