Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Past

We have known each other forever. I can still remember the first time I saw him and what my mother told me. We were 13, I was in 8th grade and he was in 7th, at that time the schools were separate. My mom was working the lunch room for the middle school and I had a headache or something that day and went over to get some medicine from my mom and there he was sitting at the "punishment table" all the kids were out for recess, he waved at  me and gave me this cute little smile. I was crushing in a second, I waved back and blushed, I asked my mom who he was she told me and told me not to get any ideas he was nothing but trouble. I didn't see him for along time after that, saw him in high school a couple times, but he never wanted anything to do with me more than just flirting and friendship, he liked older girls, and i wasn't even allowed to date. Then around 15, I heard he got sent off or moved. At 17, one night in October, I told my parents I had to go study at the library with some friends, which I did go tot he library , but not to study it was the only place I could go during the week and not have my parents get mad or anything, and thank god I did. I saw him setting at a table, I was to shy to approach him so me and my brother and my friend sit at a table close to him, I purposely got loud enough to catch his attention, and he got up and moved over there next to me. We spent the entire 4 hours talking I gave him my number with a hug and went him, I didn't expert him to call but he was calling me before I even got home, we began dating soon after that. He wasn't allowed to go to the same school I was, he went to a nearby school though so other than school hours or while I was at work we were inseperable. I knew the moment I kissed him (our third date, and I had to get my brother to kinda push him into it, he was so shy) that I would marry him or spend the rest of my life alone I couldn't ever see myself committed to someone else. I was on birth control but I guess god had other plans for us b/c on April Fools Day of 98 I found out I was pregnant. Things were good till I graduated, then he left me, he was young and scared (I'll let him go into that if he wants to).
We talked about getting back together when Eden (that's our oldest) was 8 or 9 months old, but he decided to marry someone else. We talked off and on while he was in the military I even sent him a letter while he was on ship pretty much begging him to take me back in any way he wanted, so yeah that got an interesting response. Then I pretty much figured we were over with. We did see each other while he had visitation with Eden, but the visits were unpredictable and he was barely allowed out of his now ex wifes sight.
During the next few years I heard that he was locked up off and on, and I dated around, but never got really serious. I got messed up in some pretty bad things thank god I didn't die.
Then in Jan of 07, I got a message on my space from him, it took me about 1.5 days to respond, part of me wanted to ignore it, but my more curious side, got the better of me and I sent him one back that pretty much me and Eden were fine, I had wondered about him, but not thought to much about him, i stopped having feelings for him long ago but I think we should try again to be friends for E's sake. The next day we chatted on line for almost 10 hours, and I realized half way through the day I was still in love with him. That march he got kicked out of the place he was staying and he was planning on coming in for a visit during the summer but called me at work, to ask if he could stay with me. Logic says that this would never work it had been at least 6 years since we spoke face to face at least 7 years since we said anything nice to each others face lol, but another part of me, didn't want to let this chance pass me by. Plus i figured if it didn't work out it was my place after all, I could at least let him get on his feet then he could move out.

On March 8, 2007 he moved in and didn't leave *till his arrest* I knew the moment I opened the door that this was meant to be. We got along great and our difference balanced each other out wonderfully. Like every couple we had some problems with jealousy and being overworked, but we got through them. We got married in a secret wedding on July 23, 07, I can still remember every detail and it was the happiest day of my life, it was the moment I knew one day would happen. It was a very small ceremony just me and him at the court house , but it was my destiny.

Two short weeks later, we found out we were pregnant with Lily on august 8.

Things were great till 2-23-08, when he was taken from me. But that is our past and we have a whole lot of future to look forward to.

Jody is my soulmate, and without him my life, doesn't feel complete, as corny as it sounds, while we were apart I tried to feel that void with tons of things and guys and nothing made me happier or more content than to just wake up next to my husband or sit on the couch reading while he played video games.

I just have to keep reminding my self on a daily basis that this is just temporary.

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