Friday, January 1, 2010


There is no no doubt that only the strongest can survive this type of loneliness and in part isolation form your loved one.
That goes for both sides of the wall/

Who has it worse? Well it depends on when you ask me....Just kidding, there is no doubt in my mind my husband has it worse, while i do have to work part time, at home and away from home just to scrap by and go to school as well and raising the kids. I can come and go as a i please, turn the heat up and down as I please, go to the bathroom without having to do my buisness in front of anyone (most the time, the baby is a shadow though lol).
He doesn't get event he simplest freedoms so most the time I think he has it rougher...
Though when I get really stressed and behind in bills and everything goes wrong, I wish I could put myself in Ad-seg for atleast 24 hours.

I wanted to share a qoute that came on a box my mom got me
"We are made strong by the difficulities we face and not evade".

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nurece7 said...

My husband has it pretty bad. His release date, worse case senario, is 2026. However, speaking about bills. When i get behind on bills, he is willing to go without food in exchange for phone money (the food in the Kansas DOC is less than adequate) and doesnt think about real life. I have to be the one to not take phone calls and be basically the bad guy. So, does he have it worse? Um.... i think we are evenly matched. It depends on the particulars. I think they forget about lifes struggles after a long time and when they have a long time to go.