Monday, January 4, 2010

How to send money to your inmate.

(as I am refering to my husband I just refer to the inmates as him but this applies to whoever you are sending money to)

I don't send my husband alot, mostly b/c I can't afford to. But when I get alittle extra I try to send him some, especially till he can start working, so he can keep up with stamps to mail me letters.

There are  several ways and if you aren't in VA you may want to check with your state DOC. No matter which you chose you must have his inmate/DOC number for it to get to him.

The easiet way is J-Pay, but there is an extra charge to send it this way that varies on the amount you send. This goes through the fastest though, I've never sent it this way

VA DOC also accepts western union payments, there are extra fees, with this depending on how much you want to send. And you have to make sure that you have all the inmates information needed for the account transfer
The other way is money orders.
The postal money orders are what the VA DOC perfers, b/c they usually go through quicker. They cost 1.10 - 1.50 depending on the amount you want to send.

You can also send money orders from other place. I use money gram, they are .60 at walmart and usually credit to his account in 2 weeks, sometimes alot quicker ( I also stick a note in the envlope saying something short like hey baby its only 30 but hope it helps, so he knows when it was sent).

Make sure that the money orders are filled out correctly and contain his DOC number.


singletrish said...

wow your story really hit home i have been looking for a friend that can relate to my life and i feel sometimes no one understands i get everyone telling me how bad of a man he is or the reasons why i shouldnt be with him i just tell them that sometimes the path way to hell is paved with good intentions and even though he had done some horrible things he isnt a bad man he just made bad choices and this is the hand we were delt and that i will stand by him and not kick him when he is down anyway i guess im writeing to you in case you ever need a friend god nows i do here is my email thanks

Ginger said...

Hey thanks for the comment *(I"m horrible at respondigna t times) hope you keep reading and you won't feel to alone.. Remeber everyday that goes by isone more closer to them being home.

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