Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally got a call

I finally got to hear his voice today..After months of nothing, and let me tell you it seemed to revive me. I had engery and was smiling even the kiddos normal whining(they've been stuck inside way to long, stupid snow)  didn't grate on my nerves like normal. I got my homework caught up and the apartment spotless..Nothing could ruin my mood. Not even my dad causign drama b/c I mentioned the call on facebook. Yeah my dad hates the fact that I am married to my husband, and thinks I"m stupid for staying with him . What he fails to see is that Jody makes me happy and I have always loved him and Jody will be coming home one day and we will be a family and I will not let him or anyone else talk to my husband negativly.

Anyway on to the calls. It was only 20 minutes I'm not sure of the rate. But for some reason with comcast, I had to set up a prepaid account with GTL. The min is $25.00 the max is 200. I put 25 on it to get it started. They will take payments, with debit/credit (and they can be the prepaid cards, thats what I have) western union or money order.