Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello Free World #3

Hello Free world. Just wanted to say thank you to Ginger, because she is the one that types everything up and this was her idea and I know it has helped some people out there and it helps me so its yet one more thing to add to the list of what makes her incredible and awesome. I’ll be talking about some of the rougher things that go one. The first thing that people need to realize is anyone is a potential victim, no matter how bad you think you are there is someone badder if one person wants to take you down and he thinks you are to tough then he’ll just get help and of course a weapon can make things even. First lesson, anyone can be touched Knowing that is the key, I’m only going to touch on the subject of gangs (let me say I didn’t want him mentioning them at all for his safety) They do have territory on the yard, and if it involves drugs weapons gambling you can be sure a gang has some type of involvement. That’s all I have to say on that (thank god)

There are probably more stabbings than people think but most still live so that’s the reason its not major news. There are certain things that will put your life in danger. The first of which is being a snitch. A snitches life is worthless for obvious reasons. The second biggest reason is messing with a mans punk (a punk is the common term for a fem. Gay male in prison) For some a punk is like property but for others some of the guys are in love. To flirt with, make passes, make fun of, cuss out or try to fight someone’s punk is cause for getting jumped at the very least. Debt in drugs or gambling is another obvious reason.

In prison you lose everything except for two things your word and your balls. If someone disrespects you and you let them get away with it, you lose your balls in everyone else’s eyes, and can become a target.

What is disrespect then? That’s tricky and that’s the thing that get people hurt, jumped, stabbed and sometimes they are clueless as to why it happened. Reaching over someone’s tray, bumping into someone without excuse me, waking someone up (this goes for when he comes home to: P) sitting on someone bed, the list is endless and the fight or whatever doesn’t always happen right then it could be up to 3 days later. So no matter what you always have to be alert you can trust no one. Any day could be the day you go down. That’s the way of life on the inside. I’ve heard people say it’s easy in here a vacation even. The stress, the paranoia, the loneness and the confinement, is enough to drive you completely mad. I’ve shared call with some convicted of murder and been friends with someone facing the death penalty. There are people in here that are weak that get preyed on and there are people that prey on the weak. But don’t forget that there are people that just want make it home that want to tread softly enough so that the wrong people don’t you but at the same time walk tall enough so you don’t make an easy target. It’s a think line. Try not to judge everyone too harshly b/c everyone on the inside is paying the price. Just like I tell a lot of the guys that talk shit about their families life on the outside is hard there’s bills kids work its not easy. But for you all on the outside don’t forget what we are going through, battles which most of you all hopefully will never have to know about. Letters phone calls visits for that little bit of time we are on the outside again, so believe me when I say that the little things add up. Hope everyone is doing okay and still enjoying reading.


He told me that he didn’t make it as rough as he could have, for my sake because he knows that I worry myself to death anyway. I’m going to post his commissary list and a list of the things not to mail, later this week. I’m hoping I’ve fixed the comment section so people can leave comments on here for him.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across your blog through PTO. Just stopping by to say thank you to you and your husband for this blog. It's a real eye-opener!! Best of luck to you and yours

Ginger said...

Thanks :). Hope you keep reading it. May time pass swiftly for all of us

Anonymous said...

Gin and J, I want to say i love you both very much and i am so proud of you, your help to others during this time shows your ENDLESS lOVE for each other, and also your compassion for others, I am proud that you both have wisdom beyond your years. to your readers i would like to say I am J's Mom, He is a wonderful son, he is my heart, And to my precious daughter in law i call Gin oh Gin how can i ever say THANK YOU you are a wonderful wife and Mom, I am always here for you, you also J, I feel so good after a phone call, and to see that letter when i open the mailbox WOW Thank you both for sharing I do understand all this is hard for you both, as it is for me I appreciate you sharing educating us all, I know this is not an easy road to travel for any of us, I know God will walk with us, on the inside and out. To the Mom's reading this, if you have a son or daughter on the inside allways let them know that Mom is still Mom, I believe as momz the most important thing is keep your child as uplifted as you can, SEND A MONEY ORDER! THAT IS SO IMPORTANT! I do understand times are hard im asking you Momz PLEASE b4 you have your nails done, or buy that new dress, that is a few dollars that will go a long way in helping your childs days a little easier on the inside,we all need to make a sacrifice and sending a money order is a small one compared to what they are facing.
to J I want you to know i love you with all my heart, I am here for you, Gin, and the girls, whatever i can do. I am praying constantly and have others praying, I love you Gin, I wish i could help if and when you need me Gin, i am here. Thanks again to both of you for this blog, it has helped me in so many ways to understand what life on the inside is about, and also, opened my eyes and heart to what wives on the outside are facing. At the same time i also understand the Momz on the outside..I love you J Gin and Girls..GOD IS BY YOUR SIDE AND SO AM I