Thursday, March 11, 2010

Global Tel Link Rant

Freaking GTL, what more need I say. I needed to put money on the phone last night so Jody could call. I called and of course because the company has an unusually high call volume I was placed in a call back queue. They say it takes 2 hours to get a call back; last night it was more like 3. Only to be called back by someone who was completely rude and belligerent to me. Apparently from what I’ve read this is the norm. The woman pretty much called me a liar, my phone is not in my name, and there was no way that I put money on the phone with a card, that was in my name…I guess I imagined all the calls…So then she hung up on me. After telling me nothing as to how I supposedly set up the account and was like if you want to continue this stupid conversation you can talk to a supervisor, I’ve worked in call centers, and 90% of the time when someone was offered a supervisor at the places I worked the calls were dropped, I the person spoke to the person sitting next to the rep…I really do wonder how they train these people, and what happened to customer service. Yes my husband is in jail, but that doesn’t give them the right to talk to me like crap. And yes their job probably sucks, but sheesh, at least be happy they have one. And I have to wonder about the company’s quality control, they obviously have none.

I had set up the account with my prepaid debit card, it doesn’t have a name…So I called back this morning 1-800-231-0193, is the number I have the most luck with. I had to be put once again in the call back queue. I got lucky this time I got a call back in under an hour. And the reps (yes I had to talk to more than 1) were very nice. After about 4 hours on the phone. I think we have everything straightened out so that I can add money and have the account discussed with me. SO I would suggest calling in the AM to talk to the reps, they seemed much more intelligent and professional.

I can’t say I was shocked when I searched GTL complaints tons and tons of them. The funny thing is if you check the GTL site and read the testimonials. Yeah a bunch of BS, not from the real customer but from the various prisons.

Unfortunately in VA GTL is the only company that we can use for the DOC. But on the plus side the calls are 8.00 yes that is a plus form the jail, to my cell phone I was pay 11.40. So it’s a bit cheaper, still outrageous amount to talk to my husband though.

Only 5 years 8 months and 2 days left of dealing with this crappy company

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