Friday, March 12, 2010

Wanna make someones day

My husband told his cellie that he would ask me to post this up for him. He said that this guy is a pretty good guy, didn't send me to many details, but I do know that he is level 3 inmate (which is lower than J). And that this guy is just looking for a penpal and a friend.

If anyone is intrested send me an email (put penpal in the subject so I know what you are talking about). And I'll send you his name and address.


Steenybopper said...

I just stumbled across your blog while looking for something else. What an interesting topic you have, to be the wife of a man in prison.

I'm trying to find the story of how and why he is there - is it posted somewhere?

I used to have a penpal who was on death row. I lost touch with him, but recently looked him up online and found he is no longer on death row - changed to life in prison.

I keep meaning to fire him a letter sometime but it's hard to find time - if you read MY blog, you'll see what I mean, although lately with all the blogging I've been doing, I should just take a few minutes of that writing and fire off that letter.

I know how much it meant to my old penpal to hear from his friends in the outside world.

Thanks for your reminding me of the need to do that.

Here's a link for the short version of my long story:

All the best to you and your family as you persevere!

Ginger Sadler said...

If you click on the link "our Story" its the Part 2 of it, :) thanks for stopping by.