Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What not to mail to a VA (and most other) prisons.

That little other spot really aggrvates me to b/c it allows the mail room to go on what ever whim they happen to be feeling I knew I couldn't send a sticker on the evenlope, I just wasn't thinking. But with stickers, goes paint, glitter and glue. . I used to mail him some calendar pages since november, when he moved, with no problem, this past month they wouldn't give it to him. So me and the girls drew one (I thought maybe the sun that was on the first one or the paint was the reason) but no they wouldn't let him have a calendar even hand drawn. I guess they don't want the inmates to know what day it is. He is appealing it to atleast find out why he can't have calendar after all these months its not been a problem. I'll update list as it grows, b/c I"m sure it will.

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