Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a quick update

First sorry for the lack of entries. I"ve been really busy with school, I think the teachers are cramming everything into the last two weeks..On top of dealing with a super b of an advisor who seems to be trying to make me fail..As in I know how many and what classes I can handle, so why don't you just listen to me and I could give a fig less about your studies, I"m not a test subject..I know that I should be takening math and sicence but I told her when I signed up for school that I will  have to put off in class classes till Lily starts school..I may end up transferring to an all online school and say screw it

And J is sorry to, he is still trying to adjust to everything. Its not been to easy on him and alot of things even though he has been in before he has never been on an level above 2. And keep him in your prayers and thoughts, his ankle was dislocated, he told me playing football. So he is in alot of pain and I"m not there to take care of him. He will post soon.

As soon as I get the babys birth certificate in the mail I'll be going back to see him.

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