Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Freeworld

Hey free world
Sorry its been so long since I last wrote
I finally moved out of receiving and am now at Keen Mt. I got here right after some major changes, there is alot more lock down due to alot of gang activity, there was at least one fight a day and a stabbing a week. Now there are scheduled yard times and you only go outside with your pod (80 people) with gangs there is only power in numbers, it is a rare sight to see a gang member in a one on one fight. I've been here for a little over a month and have been approached 3 times to join a gang once the different captains seen I wasn't going to join a rival or try to start anything like a store box, gambling or drugs to interfere with them they leave me alone. I came here with a couple of people from receiving and one has already checked into protective custody (pc) From the minute you walk in people step to you and try the con game, if they get you then your stuck. Observe, that's the key. See how people interact, if you make fast friends in prison there is a problem. It may sound paranoid, but its the way it is some people forget that this is NOT summer camp, so always ask yourself why is this person talking to m, what do I have he wants. In this place phone numbers and address are sold anc can for 5-20 dollars, any weakness is exploited. There is no reason someone should know any personal info on you. How many kids you have, how long you've been married, when do you get out your moms name, your birthday. Why? some things people on the outside think is typical conversation in here is not. There are some good guys in here, but let me ask you how do you know them from the monsters. One way observe. So now I sound way paranoid, but i think careful is more like it. Remember I said before I want to get out of here in one piece, I don't want to add more t me to what I have. I want to get back to my wife and girls. As always she is there for me and supports me. To just say that she is the love of my life and my rock doesn't even come close, she is my hero. 
Also my mom has been writing and sending mom we've e had our differences but she is my mom and I love her and am proud of what all she has overcome.
I'm still getting used to things here but next time I'll try to be more specific on things about this prison, the classes and opportunities. 
Thanks for reading

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java_jenny said...

Thanks for the post. It's helpful to have the insight from that side of the wall. My husband doesn't go into much detail with me and I often wonder...I think he just deosn't want me to worry too much. My thoughts & prayers are with you all during this time. I'll keep stopping by to see how things are going for y'all!