Monday, April 5, 2010

Just an update visits time and all that jazz

So I have been a busy little bee and all before my first cup of coffee, thank god for elmo I can get stuff done.

SO I received a response back from the records dept. The courts hadn't sent all his different sentences in (I really hope this is the last one I'm not wanting to go into 2016), and that he should be receiving something from his counsler on that.

I had to talk to GTL..called at 8:15, waited 2 minutes, note to self when having to call satan it is best to do so in the AM, no call backs or hold time. Talked to a lovely guy named Mark, no problems (like I had before) payment went stright through. And since he was transferred the calls are even cheaper now for us 6.92 instead of 8.50.

Then I called KMT and the ladies that I talked to there were extremly nice to me and explained the visit and the building he was in. I can go see him saturday and sunday both from 8:30-3, but it will more than likely be just saturday. Its only an 1.5 hour drive from home so there is no need to stay overnight anywhere...I don't think I'll get lost, I suck at directions so who knows. So me and Lily will be making our first ever trip to a prison (no I'm not thrilled with the idea of bringing my daughter up this way, but you gotta do what you gotta do) this saturday and I will get to see my love for the first time in almost 6 months. Exctied and nervous.


OneMixedUpLady said...

I hope you had a wonderful visit!

Ginger said...

Thanks I can't wait :)