Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lilys First Visit

This past Saturday I took our youngest to see her daddy for the first time since November and her first contact visit with her Daddy. To say I was nervous about how she would do was an understatement. Our lily is in the terrible twos and extremely hyper. But she did great. Within 5 minutes she was walking over to him patting his leg, 10 minutes later she crawled up into his lap and was stuck to his side the entire time :)..
We went tot he vending machines to get lunch after she got her chips she take off running back across the visiting room hollering "daddy daddy daddy" the whole way. After lunch and pics, we played some games they had. She kept wanting daddy to get up and play but he isn't allowed to move from his chair unless it is the bath room and then he has to raise his hand and the guards have to come get him. Honestly I was so tired, while Jody was playing with her, I almost feel asleep, while my parents do watch her while I work, I have no one else to watch her so I can catch up on rest when I'm tired...and thats how safe and comfortable I am with him that I could fall sleep in a prison. Around 1:30 Lily started getting sleepy and cranky so we had to go. I got a hug and kiss and honestly couldn't look back at him sitting all by himself at the table with other families sitting around him without crying so I pretty much hurried out the door.

Lily did have to be searched, well she had to take her shoes and socks off, and I had to change her into a provided diaper in front of the guard. I had to have her birth certificate and of course my ID. When I changed her during visit I did have to let the guards watch.

It was a good visit and only 65 more to go before I can walk out the gates with him.

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