Thursday, June 24, 2010

post visiting blues

Its been a few weeks since I've seen my J but I am just now feeling back to myself. Apparently I'm not the only one I posted on PTO about this and several women have felt the same thing. Its just so weird to get so excited about being able to see him, spend time with him and be able to sort of privately talk. And I'm fine for the most part on the drive home, its the next day to couple weeks, I just feel competently down. Though it is very hard to get up and walk away at visits leaving him sitting there knowing that he gets locked back up like an animal when we are done.

1999 days to go yes I also track the days...Obsessive? Probably.
But oddly enough it does make me excited I usually look up the days every 100 or so and it really shows me how fast time is going.

J might make another post soon, but he is busy with his GED classes and he has started anger management and some sort of business class too.


Lachsis said...

I think most women feel this way, when they have to leave their men in such a place. There's nothing wrong with it. But you also have something too look forward to. You will visit him again. And with every day you both come closer to his release. That's something good. And in my opinion it's important to stay focused on the good things, even though they are small and justa few of them. Your visits mean much to him, I'm sure of this.

Ginger said...

Thanks for the comments and that is so true. We have a while to go, but the visits help us both out.