Sunday, July 25, 2010

3rd visit, 3rd anniversary

And another small milestone. 2000 views, which in reality I know in the whole big net, that isn't a lot but that means 2000 times someone looked up some topic or read one of our post. So I want to thank all you readers out there.

We had our 3rd visit, lily did even better this time and we made it till 200. I'm seriuosly thinking of staying in a motel 5 minutes from the prison though b/c I'm so wiped out after the visit, I can barely make the 2 hour drive home.
The CO's weren't in the best mood, and I had to put pants on lily just in case she pulled her floor length dress up.  Couldn't wear my hair up, though other women were. And lily was wandering during the visit so I kept getting up to get her instead of letting her run wild like the other toddlers where doing. (It was packed) and I was the one called down, I guess I"m suppose to let my toddler ran wild in prison (?) go figure. This is the first time the guards have been so up tight, but the prison was on lockdown and it was like 95 in the visiting roo(no fans or ac and the room was packed, so yeah I can see everyone being on edge.
But we still managed to get  a pretty decent pic out of it :)

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary last Friday 7-23. I can't believe I have already been married to my soul mate, my lover, my best for 3 years. Most people didn't ever except us to get back together, but especially last. Only have to celebrate 5 more alone before we can celebrate one together, and maybe take a real honey moon. It is bitter sweet to celebrate something like this. J sent me a pic finally of himself. Honestly though as bad as this sounds, he does look healthier and more fit, than he did when he got locked up. He is so sexy :P

Maybe I'll have a tan next round of visit I'm getting ready tot ake my girls to the beach next weekend for a week. I plan on showering him with cards and post cards while I"m gone, since I doubt I will be able to write like noraml(though I do plan on surprisng him and mailing out a week long letter when I get back). So he knows I"m still thinking about him.

Mail is one thing he says that helps even more the money. And its not just him, I've read other inmate spouse and ex-inmates that say mail call is like Christmas. So if you have a loved inside, once a week or something drop a letter or card in the mail to them. That will brighten their day.

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Anonymous said...

i was notincing some of the things on your blog?. is he at KM?? please contact me directly i have a few questions for you