Friday, July 16, 2010

My take on the money

Mostly b/c I see well read about so many people going in debt, not paying bills and stuff for a guy in prison.
Ladies please think. It may sound cruel and crass, but really they aren't going to get kicked out if they don't have money you will lose your place, if you don't pay the bills.

That being said no I don't send my J money, but like he mentioned, we are lucky that his mom does send him some each month. And for that I'm so grateful :). Before that I would send him 10 or 15 when I could. And I did give him the option of having 25 more a month or 25 $ worth of phone calls each month (that gets us 4 calls.). He picks the phone.

I'm lucky though b/c my hubby understands that I am out here, raising our two girls, paying the bills and keeping things going so he will have something to come home to.

Don't let a guy use you for money, and if you can't send it, don't. Like J said, love isn't measured in dollar signs.

I'm getting ready for our visit tomorrow. Keen Mt. is on lock-down. But the lady I talked to there this morning said that the visit are not effected. J was suppose to call tonight but, I figured he used his hour out to shower. *sigh* I've got everything ready now I just need to go to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

hi gin i hv tried so many times to email it says its not goin thru yall please kno im fine im moving so i will b offline till tues or wed please email me :)
so happy u get to see J 2morrow
hugs to both of u love u
J i love you so very much
you are priceless