Friday, July 9, 2010

Guest Blog

Hey everyone out there, I know the blog has slowed down a bit, busy with summer and all and J is busy with classes and stuff, but we are keeping at it. 5 years 5 months and a week ! Going to see him in a week as well :)

Anyway this is a special blog written by his mom :)
Hi to all parents:
  During J's childhood, I was known to be overly protective, during
   summer months i was concerned with scraps and bee stings, at one time
   we had a big tree in the front yard, J knew that was his boundary line,
   to me it was an invisible line of protection from traffic in the
   street,he kept that "tree rule" i knew he was "safe"...there
    have been many times, in J's adult life i wished i could bring back that ole tree..but life just doesn't happen that way.
    I f you are reading this, something brought you to this blog, you
  have a son or daughter on the inside, and if you do, i send you a big hug and smile. You undoubtedly ask yourself,"what do i do?" "what do i say?"
 I will do my best to help you in any way i can  ...first::There is only
  one thing you can your child..stand by him or her..its very important to let them know you are by their side NO MATTER WHAT!!
   Also, remember when our children were younger, they wanted that ice cream or that toy that we knew we jus couldn't afford? but after thinking we knew we couldn't afford not to get it because it made them happy.
  made their life a little easier?  Try to think like that now..our children on the inside are in need, and most of the time will not ask you,
  as parents we just know. Please Always send a money order, i cannot say enough how very important this is!! in sending money orders to our children
 on the inside, it gives them a sense of independence....NEVER EVER is it a good idea for them to be in a position to have to borrow, even a stamp so they can write to you. Borrowing on the inside usually means they pay back much more than the stamp, coffee, or cola!! So please remember, in sending
 a money order, you are actually still helping to keep your child safe as
 we did when they were kids!!
  i will tell you a little about how things are going with me as a mom on the outside:
   Not one day goes by that J
isn't on my mind! i see a movie ad  i think oh he would love that!!
 i get hungry, and wonder how he is eating, so many times i just want to
  give him a hug, what do i do? I pray! i ask God to send his protective
   angels to surround him, to hold and protect him, to remind him that he is loved and missed so very much.
 There are times yes, i have gotten depressed sure we all do, when this
  happens, Remember: the day will come that your son or daughter will return, think on that ...think of that time   what an awesome reunion!!
  you can call him, cook dinner for him, watch that movie with him!
   as parents we have all made some mistakes and bad choices, we cannot
   change that, but we can go forward, love them and be thankful for proud of them! most of all LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY!
  I want to say that i am blessed in having a wonderful daughter in law,
   Gin is very supportive of her husband, a great Mom, very dedicated to her marriage  she is truly more precious than diamonds! thanks Gin i love you.
    If any parents would like to talk or have a question i will be happy to help if i can.
    I am very thankful for this Blog, it has been a tremendous help to me,
     J you are such a wonderful person, i am very proud of you, and counting the days until you are safe at home i love you
  To all the parents:::We don't know how strong we are Until  being strong is the only choice we have
           J's Mom

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