Monday, December 13, 2010

Prison Slang

He sent me a mini dictonary so I would know some of what he was talking about without having to constantly go huh and what?These terms may just be local but I thought I would share them.

boy/punk: gay men, that or either used as slaves, or sell sex
Man: Usually the masculine gay male involved in a relationship with a boy
Banging: Or saying he is a banger means the guy is a afflicated with a gang
Creeping: Being around someones door, or walking up and looking in without knocking. This is a cause for a fight or stabbing.
Extort: (okay even I knew what this meant) But its when a guy or group demands money for protection it is better to go ahead and fight or else you are marked as a victim.
Roll or Knock Down: Attack someone
Shank, Pick, Stick: its a knife
Pile: weights

Sling ink: a guy that does tattoos
Knucklehead: Its a disrespectful term or someone who is always into trouble
Kick rocks: it is what you tell someone when they need to leave. Not respectful but some people will say it jokingly, if said seriously it usually means a fight.
Table tops: term for cards or chess doesn't include poker
Good Word: used like an oath or swearing. If someone doesn't believe you and you say I'm telling you its on my good word, its putting your integrity on the line. To knowingly lie on your good word is really bad.
Word and Balls: all you have in prison, if you don't pay your debts, or let some disrespect you with out retribution you give up your right as a convict. And make your time harder and in alot of peoples eyes you life is worth less
Leaking: someone is bleeding.


Shirl said...

Hi Gin, Again I have learned somthing new from the blog ty so much and ty J i miss u soooo very much every minute of the day and i love u more than u will everrr imagine i'm so very proud of the wonderfull person u are...Gin ur my Hero
Thanks to both of u

Beauswifey said...

You know what...It's funny you should post that, because my husband & I were just discussing the different types of gay men in