Monday, November 8, 2010

Vist 5 and 6

I know I haven't updated like I should but well the baby keeps me busy not to mention the rushing for the holidays plus my oldest will be 12 on the 18th (one more year before the dreaded teenage years). I have been working more at both jobs I have to make sure I provide my babies with almost everything they want for Christmas...and to be able to send Jody his Christmas package, he was finally approved for it..I was trying to keep it a secret but that didn't happen.

Visit number 5 was a rough one, I was moody and Lily was a hellcat  the first time ever I had b roke down crying about how tired I was and how I would pretty much sale my soul for a break and to have him home b/c some day she drives me wild.

Visit 6 and what might be our last one before spring b/c Jody put his foot down about not coming up the mountain if it snows at all..and well I can let him take the reigns once in a while...Was right before Halloween. And it was so much better than the one before Lily was in a great mood and they had some books for her age group so she was better satisfied.

Eden has received her quilt from Margets  hope chest. But we haven't opened it yet. I really really appreciate all the work and effort this special group of angels puts into the work. Once Edens Birthday roles around I'll post the pics of it.

I'll try to get J to do a post soon.

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