Monday, October 4, 2010

1899 days left

So today we have killed off another 100 days. I know that I haven't updated in a while. But like I said in my other post there isn't much going on. I went and saw again a few weeks was another rough visit, the baby is so hyper. He told me one  of the CO's said that the visit with kids used to be better before the new warden took over and they had a small play room with toys so the kids could play. Now thats what I'm talking about. Seriously I would let them strip search me, if I could have a peaceful visit. I wonder why they stopped them and how I could go about suggesting that they bring them back. To me having a separate room for the kids would make everyone's visit easier and more enjoyable...After all I read so many complaints about people with kids at visit...While I do feel bad if my child ruins your visit its not like I"m able to punish her at visit (there is a huge sign that says if you are caught even smacking your childs hand you will have your visits terminated and cops called yeah stupid).

So I figured I would use the post to mention that for VA prison you are now able to most inmates send winter packages. Heres the link. Most the stuff is alittle pricey but alot of it they can't get at the "store". I'm having a time ordering J's b/c he is showing up ineligible so I have to wait for him to get my letter or call first to find out what is going on.


~Niki~ said...

Hi there.
I'm Niki.
Just found you through Margarets chest hope quilt site.
I'm making a little girl a quilt in March and wanted to say HI.
I have found it interesting in the past to write to a prisoner~unfortunately, they cannot receive emails? if i'm correc.t
that sucks lol
I'ts so much quicker and easier.
well toodles!

Ginger said...

Some places do allow emails, through jpay and I think corrlinks. It depends on the state. Unfortunately not in VA though, have to do the snail mail here. Thanks for the comment