Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow snow and more snow

Well not sure about all you all but I sure am sick of winter. Though I count my blessing, I have heat, my apartment is toasty warm, if I get cold I can get an extra blanket, or a cup of HOT coffee...My husband can't, and yes I know he is in prison...but the condtions sometimes really piss me off b/c these guys are still human no matter there crime. He called me the other day and I was talking about it being cold..His cell had ice frozen on the inside of it, then it melts, if it ever warms up and floods everything. They don't give them extra blankets b/c they might not get them back. And he isn't allowed to buy extra blankets. Luckily he did have enough money from his mom (thanks again) to buy up his limit on sweats before winter started.

Enough depressing stuff.
Want to see a pic of what he got me from Christmas...Yes people in prison can still get gifts and send them. HE drew this himself and is hanging above my bed right now.