Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving and xmas visits

The holiday season is rough on the average person but even more so when you have a loved in prison. We made the decison at the start of his sentence to not do visits on christmas and thanksgiving, I don't want Lily's earliest memories of the holidays to be a prison visiting room. So I tried to time them a week or so before hand.. They were pretty good the CO's seemed more laid back. I plan on going for a visit this month as well if the weather permits, we have gotten slammed with snow just about every weekend since our visit last month.

This is my favorite pic so far from our visits..Lily was in a great mood and easy going that day, not to mention the visiting room wasn't a million degrees and crowded.

This was our last visit of 2010, Lily wasn't in a great mood, and had just got done throwing a huge tantrum, but nothing makes her smile like telling her her pic is being made lol, camera hog. And I can really see how much she looks like her daddy in this one.

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