Sunday, January 2, 2011

Edens quilt

I'm so slow on updating...Our oldest turned 12, in november, and due to digi camera breaking and the holidays I've just now found the time to update about it...

Margarets hope chest is a wonderful organization of very talented women that send quilts to the children of the incarcerated. Both my girls have received beautiful quilts from them. And the kids love them and I appreciate it so much. Most people have this idea in their head, that a person in prison, is alone, when that is really not true, these men and women in prison often leave behind children, who have to deal with having a mother/father in prison. You can see Lilys quilt here.

And here is Edens quilt (she hates to have her picture made)

If you know a child or your own child that could benefit from this please contact them. They are very talented and a group of angels on earth.

I'll post again about our latest visits in a while.

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