Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random rambilings

I really should be cleaning my house, but honestly I put it off lol b/c I hate housework. That is one of the things I miss the most about my husband, not being gone...coming home to a clean house all the time...I know it is a bit of role reversal, but he was/is an awesome house keeper. Not to say I'm lazy I did start my spring cleaning today. I got the fridge and all the kitchen cabinets cleaned out (a box worth of donations and 3 bags of trash lol). I should have taken before and after pics :P.

In my other post I talked about streamlining my blogs, changed my mind. But I have changed this one up alittle bit. Instead of just talking about the visits and stuff I have decided to become more open about the day to day life, of this lifestyle. My other blog will still remain solely dedicated to my earnings and savings. I have to start saving now for his release in 2015, b/c I lose my housing when he comes home.

I'm not erasing any of the older post that Jody wrote, those and all the stuff about classification ect are in the archives. But I am wanting to reach out to others in this situation.

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