Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are you in need of quality, professional Legal assistance at a reasonable price?

Are you in need of quality, professional Legal assistance at a reasonable price?

My name is Bobby and I am 43 years old. Approximately 20-years ago I earned an Associates Degree in paralegal studies. Paralegals are people who assist  judges, clerks, and lawyers in the preparations of their civil and criminal cases. I have extensive experience in research, legal presentation and legal arguments of a case. I have assisted as many as sixty inmate in their post-conviction attempts to get their cases back into court.

I want you to know that I didn't start doing this until after I was arrested and convicted myself. I am an inmate who is fighting for my freedom, so I understand the battle that your loved one's are in . They have been convicted in court either at trial or by plea agreement. Some of them appealed, some didn't know that they could appeal, and right now you have somebody who  you love in prison who wants to keep fighting their conviction, and you've looked for attorney  to help. But these lawyers all want ten thousand to twenty five thousand dollars and you can't afford that.

I can give you and your loved ones the same quality of work as any of those attorneys and I'll argue your case better than those attorneys, at a fraction of their prices. If you need a state or federal habeas corpus, a 2255 motion, a certificate of appeal ability, or a 1983 lawsuit prepared for a loved one, I can prepare your petition with the same or better quality as a lawyer will give you and for under one thousand dollars. My average price is $500.00 per case, and for that price I will fight for your loved ones until their case would be exhausted in court.

Because I am a prisoner, I know that you will be concerned about weather this is a scam. I assure that it is not. But to learn more about my skills will not cost you anything up front. I want to do four things for you for free.

1. I want to hear from you and hear about your loved one in prison, what they are convicted of how much time did they receive, did they appeal, what is last court that heard their case, and when it was last heard. Write me a letter telling me all of the above.
2. Ask me ANY QUESTIONS that you have regarding my experience, my prices, ect. And I will answer your questions

3. I will write you back at your home or PO box, and I'll answer your questions, and tell you what I am able to do with your loved ones case based on all that you have told me.

4. I will put your fears at ease and leave you feeling very confident that your money will be a good investment and that you are paying someone who really knows what they are doing.

Your search is over! You have found the legal help you've been looking for. For more details, and to get started  please contact me. To contact Bobby please leave me a comment with your email address here or email me at and put legal help in the subject bar and I'll email his address. For his privacy he requested that I not put it up on line.

side note: Me and Jody aren't using him, Jody did ask him about his case, and with Jody's crimes, he actually got off easy, and Bobby didn't think there was anything else to do. But a friend of ours is using him I will update about Chris's case when it happens.

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