Monday, March 14, 2011

The visit that wasn't

I had to miss my visit two sundays ago, b/c of a random snow storm, by the time I made it to the bottom of the mountain, there was no way my jetta was making it up the hill, well the 2 hour drive there was a waste and turned into a 4 hour drive back with Lily screaming about how mean mommy was for not letting her see her daddy. And came home to 50 missed calls..He was going out of his mind and had a biz-zillion calling me as well as him...Its disappointing b/c I"m working the next two weekends and then its Lilys and my moms birthday, so it will be another month before I make it back over to see him :(...But it gives me some time to get back into exercising and loosing weight.

I can definitely tell he has been working out, and has lost alot of weight since the beginning of this and he is my inspiration to get back into shape. He tells me he loves me regardless but lucky for me my man likes curvy chunky lol. That and summer is coming up so I would like to be able to enjoy the pool with my girls without having to  be so self-conscious.

Good news is here is how I am paying for my phone calls for the month. It arrived near the end of last month and will cover 3 weeks worth of calls with 1/2 of one left over. If you are interested in doing this I will help you out.

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