Saturday, April 2, 2011


That is the number of letters I have written my husband since he has been gone...that doesn't count cards and other little things I have mailed him...Yes I write him everyday even on the day I went into labor I wrote him. I am desperate if you want to look at it like that..desperate to keep the connection with my soulmate going strong, in this type of relationship especially in a prison that doesn't allow emails, or a state that doesn't allow family visit, letter writing is the cheapest way and best way to keep connected.

And mail is so so important, to them. Often times that is the only contact they get with the outside world. Jody and others have told me that mail call is like christmas. So if you are out there reading this and want to help brighten someones day all you need is a piece of paper, envelope and a stamp, I have several guys lol that need penpals, leave a comment and I will send you the addresses. I think it helps to remember that just b/c someone is in prison doesn't make them less than human and contrary to most popular belif they aren't bad guys or bad people, they just got caught, yes there are some bad ones in there, but seriously folks. Bad immoral people are everywhere.

I'm pretty sure my mail man thinks I'm a prison ho lol. Not only do I write my husband but I write a couple of my other friends and they all sent me mail on the same day. :P

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